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Quality of wheat bread containing different types of dietary fibre


The objective of the investigations was to asses the properties of dough and quality of wheat bread containing three types of dietary fibres (apple fibre, cocoa fibre, and oat fibre). The contents of fibres used in the investigation ranged from 0. 5 to 15 %. During the investigation performed, the quality characteristics and amylographic features of wheat flour enriched with dietary fibre were determined, as were the farinographic (rheological) properties of dough. Next, the bread was baked and its quality was assessed. The investigations proved that the content level of apple fibre in blends caused the values of quality parameters, rheological properties of the dough, and bread volume to decrease. The highest values of amylographic properties and bread quality properties were found in blends with cocoa fibre. The blends containing oat fibre were characterized by the highest values of flour quality parameters, the lowest water absorption level, the lowest overbake, and the lowest porosity. It was found that the increasing content of dietary fibre in samples caused the maximum viscosity of gelatinized doughs, water absorption of flour, development time of dough, quality number, overbake of bread and porosity of the crumb to increase and, at the same time, the wet gluten, sedimentation value, falling number, dough stability, and bread volume to decrease. The best sensory quality showed the bread containing oat fibre, and the lowest – the bread with cocoa fibre. While assessing the texture acceptance, the bread containing 5 and 10 % of dietary fibre was ranked highly.


dietary fibre, wheat flour, bread quality