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Effect of added fat on the viscoelastic properties of wheat dough


The aim of this study was to determine the effect of addition of grapeseed oil, cocoa butter and coconut oil on the viscoelastic properties of wheat dough. Fats were added at 1,5%, 3% and 4,5% levels to flour and dough. Viscoelastic properties of doughs were characterized by dynamic oscillatory tests using a controlled stress rheometer. Mechanical spectra within the range from 0.1 to 100 rad/s were determined. Frequency sweep results indicate that both G ’ and G” had lower values over the entire frequency range, as the amounts of added grapeseed oil or coconut oil were increased. The decrease in the moduli was nonlinear. The addition of cocoa butter resulted in the increase of G’ and G” and the decrease of phase angle δ. In a case of addition of fats to flour the effects were more advanced as compared with those for addition to dough.


wheat dough, addition of fats, viscoelastic properties