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Nutritive value and organoleptic properties of cookies with the addition of dried shiitake mushroom (lentinula edodes)


Shiitake mushrooms (Lentinulla edodes), due to their documented prebiotic properties and relatively high nutritive value are recommended in many countries as an addition to daily diet. The aim of this study was to assess the chemical composition of the obtained products with added dried shiitake and to estimate organoleptic properties of this product. The experimental material consisted of cookies with a 10% and 20% addition of dried shiitake. Contents of protein, fat and ash were determined using standard analytical methods. Soluble dietary fiber (SDF) and insoluble dietary fiber (IDF) were assayed using Asp’s enzymatic method. Organoleptic evaluation including colour, taste, flavour, fragility and general appearance were analyzed in scale 5 point and hedonic. It was found that the products were characterized by high contents of protein and fiber and good assessment. The percentage of added dried mushrooms to products had a significant effect on contents of components. The mean organoleptic properties by hedonic assessment of products oscillated in range 5 and differences between products with addition dry shiitake and control were not statistically significant. Results of tests suggest that the products could be used as a food additive.


nutritive value, cookies, shiitake mushroom, organoleptic assessment