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Effect of cooking methods and storage after cooking on temperature, yield and sensory quality of broccoli


The aim of this paper was evaluation of the influence of different cooking methods (cooking in pot starting with boiling water, steam cooking in pot, steam cooking in convection-steam oven), and storage after cooking (warmholding and storage in the thermoport) of broccoli, on yield, sensory quality (evaluated by unstructural graphical scale and dual method) and colour determined by instrumenthal method. Temperature changes of broccoli and water during storage in warmholding and in the thermoport were also tested. The highest yield of cooking process due to high water absorbtion, was observed in the case of cooking in pot starting with boiling water. Study shows that different methods of cooking and storage time statistically significantly affected sensory quality of broccoli. Sensory quality of cooked broccoli in pot starting with boiling water was statistically significantly better than steam cooked broccoli (in pot and in convection – steam oven). Warmholding of cooked broccoli in comparison to storage in the thermoport caused the significant decrease of sensory quality, what was confirmed by instrumenthal colour determination method. It looks that broccoli should not be hold in warm. To preserve good sensory quality and proper temperature during storage in the thermoport after cooking it is recommended to put broccoli into warm GN container, fully filled in, close it properly and storage max.1.5 hour.


broccoli, sensory quality, warmholding, thermoport