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Changes of the content of selected impurities in white sugar during the 1998/99 campaign


The investigations were carried out for decade samples of sugar from two Polish sugar-factories during the whole period of the campaign. The investigated sugar samples were evaluated according to the requirements of the European Community quality points and the colour of the filters with sediment insoluble in water was determined. The content of technical contamination in the form of Ca, K, Na, Fe, Cu, Zn, Pb, Cd ions was determined by means of the atomic absorption spectrometry method, while the SPE technology was used to prepare the sugar samples for the analysis, and the fractions soluble and insoluble in water were distinguished. The analysed samples of white sugar belonged to 2 and 3 categories and they were characterised by a low content of toxic elements. It was found out that the content of macroelements in white sugar, particularly their distribution between the solution and the sediment, showed significant changes during the whole campaign period.