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Correlations among some selected characteristics of crispbread texture, determined instrumentally and sensorily


The objective of this paper was to research into the correlations among some selected characteristics of crispbread, which were determined using both the instrumental methods: compression test & acoustic emission analysis, and the sensory methods (quantitative descriptive method). The compression test of the product was performed in a Zwick 1445 tensile machine with a speed of 20 mm/min. A contact method was used to register the destructive force and the acoustic emission (AE) with the use of a piezoelectric accelerometer, its type being 4381, manufactured by Brüel & Kjaer. Among the AE descriptors, the acoustic energy and the number of AE events were strongly correlated with the sensory impressions corresponding with them, and partition power spectrum slope was correlated with the duration time of sound. Furthermore, the high correlation was found between the crispness coefficient and the general quality of crispbread. Thus, the instrumental characteristics of the texture as investigated in the paper can be applied to evaluate the crispbread quality.


crispbread, texture, mechanical characteristics, acoustic characteristics