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Effect of feeding lambs with sunflower cake and linseeds with or without vitamin E added on fatty acid profile of meat, liver, and heart


The effect was studied of fattening lambs with a sunflower cake and linseeds, and a vitamin E added, on the fatty acid profile of fat from m. longissimus lumborum, liver, and heart. The rams (18) in three groups were intensively fattened up to 32-37 kg with a mixture composed of cereal ingredients and rapeseed crush (‘K’ control group) or with a mixture of sunflower cake and linseeds (MSL; 23.5 and 5 %, respectively), as well as with a mixture containing the additive of vitamin E (MSL+E). The liver fat contained more SFA than the intermuscular and heart fat (56.68 vs. 48.40 and 45.95 %). The liver fat was found to have the highest content of C17:0 and C18:0 and a lower content of C14:0 and C16:0 than in the intermuscular fat. The content of SFA in the heart fat was something in between. The highest amount of MUFA was found in the muscular fat, the second highest of MUFA in the liver, and the heart fat had the lowest amount of MUFA (42.58; 33.93, and 29.95 %, respectively). The heart fat was characterized by the highest content of PUFA; 25.29% vs. 11.53 and 8.99 in the liver and intramuscular fat. The similar proportions were found as regards the content of C18:2 and C18:3 n3. The nutritional parameters of heart fat were most beneficial, and the liver and m. longissimus lumborum fat had the comparable nutritional values; PUFA : SFA was, respectively, 0.57 vs. 0.21 and 0.19. The highest content of CLA was found in the liver (41.24 mg/100 g), the second highest were in the heart and in the muscle (6.23 and 4.56 mg/100 g, respectively). The feeding with oil components had no significant effect on the total SFA in the organs investigated, and a decrease in the content of C16:0 and C17:0 was found as was an increase in C18:0. The feeding with oil components decreased the content of MUFA and increased the content of PUFA. The investigated organs of MSL and MSL+E lambs had less CLA than the K control group; respectively, 17.37 and 15.28 vs. 19.37 mg/100 g. To sum up: the feeding with the sunflower cake and linseeds beneficially impacted the nutritional parameters of muscle, liver, and heart fat, and supplementing the feeding mixtures with vitamin E enhanced this advantageous effect.


lambs, oily components, fatty acids, muscle, liver, heart