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Utilisation of quality management methods and tools in food sector organizations


In the paper the results of the survey were presented regarding the utilisation of selected quality management methods and tools by small and medium enterprises (SME) from the food sector, as well as the correlation between the utilisation thereof and the achieved financial results. The survey sample covered 29 questionnaires correctly filled in by the companies from SE Poland. The organisations surveyed constituted 4 % of the total number of enterprises, which met the survey criteria assumed. It was found that the more employees the organization employed the more frequently this organization used various types of quality management methods and tools. Larger companies more often utilised more complex methods and tools, which required a more profound knowledge and a better commitment of the employees. Furthermore, the effect was assessed of the management systems implementation and certification on the utilisation of quality management methods and tools in the organization. The more various management systems the organization implemented and certified the higher the utilisation activity of the available quality management methods and tools. The organizations that underwent certification procedures as regards their complying with the standards of retail networks used the quality management methods and tools more frequently than the organizations that did not implement those standards. The analysis of the selected quality management tools and methods proved that, considering the financial results achieved by the organisation surveyed, those organisations most clearly varied as regards the utilisation of the 5S and Just in Time methods.


quality management methods, quality management tools, SME, Just in Time, 5S, management systems