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Applying strategic analysis to technological changes in small bread and confectionery bakery


The objective of the study was to determine the effect a changing economic and social environment on business conditions in a small bread and confectionery bakery. The article presents a strategic analysis of a bakery on the basis of accounting and management indicators, and an analysis of technological processes of some selected products. The indicator-based assessment was  made with the use of a BCG matrix. The focus was set on the most cost-intensive processes and single process operations used during the production. A technical and technological change was  implemented, i.e. a cold-proofing chamber was applied. The change in the process of preparing semi-finished products affected the process optimisation and the modification of a system of work.  Then, after implementation of technological changes, the microbiological status was tested of some selected bakery products (kaiser, multigrain and yeast rolls). The microflora of rolls was in line with the adopted standards, no undesirable microflora was found that could contaminate bread products, therefore the suggested technological changes did not affect the microbiological status of the rolls. It was concluded that the suggested technological changes could have a beneficial effect on the operating result and key economic indicators in the small bread and confectionery bakery.


strategic analysis, profitability, changes in manufacturing technology, microbiological status of rolls