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Effect of inulin addition on quality of fruit and vegetable sorbets


Inulin is a naturally occurring prebiotic. Adding inulin to ice desserts enhances their health qualities and gives products characteristics of functional food. As a fat substitute inulin decreases the  food energy of a product. It can be a texture modifier used to improve consistency and spreadability, a stabiliser and a thickener; also it can affect the taste and aroma of products. Sorbets are  willingly consumed; they are characterised by a distinctive taste and low food energy; they are light and easily digestible; thus they can be a valuable carrier of probiotics in the diet. When added  to sorbets, the health-promoting additives should increase the sensory quality of the product or not significantly affect it. The objective of the research study was to assess the effect of inulin on  the sensory quality and selected physical-chemical parameters of fruit and vegetable sorbets. There was assessed the sensory and technological quality of carrot and strawberry sorbets in  comparison with the products without the addition of inulin. The manufactured sorbets showed an acceptable sensory quality and good physical-chemical properties. The addition of inulin (2  and 4 %) to carrot sorbets significantly impacted their acidity and colour parameters. The increase in the proportion of inulin caused the colour of the sorbets to become lighter and their red and  yellow colours to become less intense. Inulin added to strawberry sorbets did not significantly affect their colour parameters. The results obtained prove that the content of inulin in  frozen desserts should be individually determined depending on the kind of sorbet. In the case of carrot sorbet optimal is 2 % of inulin; as for strawberry sorbets recommended for adding is 4 %  of inulin.


ice cream, prebiotic, inulin, sensory quality