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Chemical composition, sensoric features, and antioxidants properties of ‘masurian sękacz’ cake.


The objective of this study was to characterize the chemical composition and some selected properties of a ‘Masurian sękacz’ pyramid cake entered on the List of Traditional Products of the Warmińsko-Masurian Province, in the category of bakery and confectionary products. In the samples studied, the following contents were determined: total fat, total protein, salt, and water. Identified were the capability to scavenge the DPPH radical and the ability to inhibit oxidation of LDL cholesterol. A sensory analysis was also performed using a method of grading and sensory profiling. The Masurian pyramid cake is a sponge and fat cake produced by aerating an egg-sugar mass mixed with fat and flour. It was found that it contained about 12 % of water, 6.5 % of protein, 19 % of fat, ca. 55% of carbohydrates (this value was computed), and 0.67 % of sodium chloride. It is characterized by a low antioxidant activity expressed as the capability to scavenge the DPPH radical (EC50 = 1132 mg). On the other hand, the cake studied shows the ability to inhibit the oxidation of LDL fraction of cholesterol; this was proved on the basis of two parameters: the % rate of inhibition that was 13.3 % and the factor C50%> 1. The sensory analysis was performed using a grading method and comprised the assessment of the external and cross-sectional appearance of the cake, its shape, texture, smell, and flavour. The ‘Masurian sękacz’ cake was rated 2.51 points (on a 1- to 3-point scale), thus, the cake had a required quality with just slight deviations from the standards set by the assessment panel. The profiling method was applied to determine the occurrence intensity of the smells of vanilla, egg, orange peel, and of any foreign smell, as well as of the flavours: sweet, vanilla, egg, orange peel, fat, hot, and any other foreign flavours. No foreign flavours or smells were detected. The ‘sękacz’ cake was characterized as an attractive product because the final overall rating thereof was 5.0.


Masurian sękacz, chemical composition, sensory analysis, antioxidant properties