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Food hygiene and safety in the opinion of employees of one selected chain of bistro bars


The objective of the study was to find out what bistro bar employees knew about food production hygiene and how they perceived it. The survey included bistro bars of one selected chain in petrol stations in the Province of Malopolska. The questionnaire survey was conducted in 2007; 50 questionnaire forms were used. The survey accomplished proved that the knowledge and awareness of food safety among the employees employed with the selected chain of bistro bars in petrol stations was incomplete and, in large measure, selective. Some aspects were correctly understood and perceived by the employees surveyed, and some others unsatisfactorily. A good example thereof is how those employees perceived the concept of HACCP: more than 80 % of respondents defined it correctly whereas only 60 % of those employed with an enterprise with the HACCP system implemented and in use correctly decoded the HACCP acronym. Still, the general knowledge of the employees may be judged as satisfactory though it does not mean that this knowledge should not be improved.


hygiene of food production, employee knowledge, bistro bars, petrol station