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Nutritional value of selected „musli bars”


Musli type – bars manufactured by a Polish factory „Hofpol” were analysed by standard methods for dry matter, protein, fat and ash contents. The dietary fibre content was determined according to the AOAC method (1990) and the energy values of bars were calculated. The bars under study contained 88.0-93.1% dry matter, 4.54-9.25% protein, 13.2-31.2% fat, 52.4-68.7% carbohydrates and their energy values ranged from 412 to 520 kcal/100g depending on compositions. Dietary fibre content varied from 5.68 to 10.47%. The contents of basic nutrients in the bars were similar to values found in other popular chocolate products, but were higher in dietary fibre. The studied bars may therefore be regarded as a group of functional foods.