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The milk market and its products in Poland in 1989–2005


The aim of the study is the presentation of the situation on milk market and its products in Poland in 1989 – 2005 and presentation of the alteration of that market in relation to the market change centrally steered to the market trade as well as joining the European Union through the analisys: the state of herds of cows (decrease by 671,5 thorsand items in 1996–2004), the production (30 per cent of the increase of milk efficiency in 1996–2005), the trade in milk (increasing tendency of the amount of the sold milk), prices (an increase in 2004 the prices were on the average level of 88,25 zł/100l), the production of the milk and its goods (tended towards the ecological and valuable products), the consumption of milk and its products (the decrease of the intake in 1998–2003 by 20,53 per cent, the intake of milk stays on the same level), foreign trade market, the saldo of income (export overtakes import five times nearly), In the summary there have been presented changes which took place in 1989 as well as the process of adjusted of Polish milk market to the European Union requirements. In the work there have been presented the chances as well as limitationo which refer to the joining European Union.


milk and its products, development, market trade, adjustable process