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A method of manufacturing gravad rainbow trout preserves (Oncorhynchus mykiss) and their acceptability by consumers


This paper is an attempt to establish optimal parameters for manufacturing gravad rainbow trout preserves. For this purpose, the sensory properties of the preserves under investigation were assumed a criterion of the product quality. The investigations were conducted using a response surface methodology. It was stated that a product with the best sensory qualities was obtained when a mixture of salt and sugar (1:2) amounting to 350 g per kg of fish was rubbed into trout fillets, and, next, the fillets were graved at 3°C within a period of 48 hours. Results of the consumers polling proved a very good acceptability of the product processed using this particular method. As much as 84.6% of the polled consumers favorably evaluated the gravad trout; furthermore, they declared their readiness to possibly purchase it. On the other hand, on the basis of the analysis results of the product’s individual sensory features, a potentiality appears to modify it so as to better meet the needs and requirements of Polish consumers, in particular with regard to the product’s color. In Poland where the farmed rainbow trout is easily available and quite prevalent, its gravad ; preserves could be regarded as a new and one of the successful methods to rationally and economically manage this area of fish food industry.


trout, gravad, sensory quality, consumer studies