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Effect of lupine flour addition on quality of triticale flour bread


Under the research study, the effect of lupine flour addition on the quality of triticale flour bread was determined. The quantities of lupin flour added were different and amounted to [% / (m/m)] 3 %, 5 %, 7 %, 9 %, and 12 % of the triticale flour quantity; the breads baked were compared with the control sample. The research study completed showed that the adding of 9 % of lupine flour to triticale flour had a beneficial effect on the quality of the breads produced. The lupine flour had a significant impact on the flavour and aroma of the product. The bread had a pleasant nutty flavour and aroma. However, a higher amount of the lupin flour added caused the sensory quality of the bread to deteriorate, especially its flavour and aroma. The bread with a higher content of lupin flour was characterized by a somewhat bitter flavour and aroma appearing typical of plants in the family Leguminosae. With the increasing amount of lupine flour added, the time of bread baking decreased as did the total baking loss, porosity, and volume of the breads baked. The addition of lupine flour caused the moisture and acidity of bread crumb to increase.


lupine, triticale, bread, sensory evaluation by scores, total baking loss