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Corellations between choosen crackers texture attributes estimated by instrumental and sensory methods


The aim of this study was to analyze correlations between instrumental: mechanical and acoustic features of crackers and they equivalent in sensory test. The panelists were focused on assessment of mechanical (kinesthetic) and acoustic attributes of the texture. Samples were compressed with a speed of 20 mm/min, using universal testing machine Zwick 1445. An accelerometer sensor, Brüel & Kjaer 4381V was mounted near the lower end of the upper head of the compressing machine to accomplish an acoustic contact with the crackers sample. The investigation revealed that in the aw region from 0.25 to 0.49 crackers are acceptable by consumers and there are no significant changes of both investigated parameters in this region. Sensory acoustic attributes were significantly related to acoustic energy and number of acoustics event. A significant negative relationship was observed between the compression force and sensory hardness. As a result it can be stated, that for instrumental analyze of crackers texture the usage of acoustic method is more effective than mechanical.


crackers, sensory analyze, mechanical properties, acoustic emission, water activity (aw)