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The evaluation of chemical composition and organoleptic quality of frozen potato products from retail


The objective of the study was to compare the organoleptic quality and nutritive value of frozen potato products produced by polish and foreign manufacturers. 11 types of frozen products of different producers were bought in few days intervals and used for tests. Products were divided into three parts: frozen products, freeze-dried products and prepared (fried) products. The measurements in frozen material included the dry matter and fat content, acid and Lea value of the fat extracted from products, colour and flavour. In fried products were analysed fat and vitamine C content, texture and sensoric evaluation: colour, taste, smell and texture. In freeze-dried material were analysed glykoalkaloids and nitrates contents. The technology differentiated analysed frozen potato products in organoleptic properties as well as in chemical composition. The products obtained with fresh potatoes contained less fat and more vitamine C than with dried potatoes. The content of nitrates and glycoalkaloids in analysed potato products was several times less than in raw material – potatoes. The quality of fat extracted from products was consistent with standards with the exception of potato bars. The most analysed products, with the exception of potato bars, exhibited proper colour, flavour, odour and texture.


potato products, freezing, fat, sensoric quality, nitrates, glycoalkaloids