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Quality assessment of pumpkin jams enriched with Japanese quince, cornelian cherry and strawberries


Despite its substantial nutritional value and high yield, pumpkin is still a raw material underrated in the food processing industry. The main reason thereof is to be attributed to adverse sensory features of its preserves. To improve sensory features of pumpkin, its pastes can be mixed with other raw materials. The objective of this study was to determine the parameters of pumpkin jam enriched by adding Japanese quince, cornelian cherry, and strawberries in different proportions. Jam products were made from pumpkin fruits with the addition of 50 and 30 % of the following fruits: Japanese quince, cornelian cherry, and strawberry. In the products made, the following was determined: contents of dry matter, vitamin C, carotenoids, and total polyphenols, as well as acidity, colour, and antioxidant activity towards DPPH, ABTS•+, and FRAP. The highest content of polyphenols was determined in the jam products with 50 % of Japanese quince added, and the lowest in the jam with 30 % of the strawberries added (94.49 mg/100 g FW and 25.75 mg/100 g FW, respectively). Jam products with cornelian cherry and strawberries added displayed a comparable brightness and proportion of the yellow colour. Jam products with Japanese quince were the brightest. Amidst all the jam products analyzed, jam products with strawberries added showed the lowest antioxidant activity. The lowest content of vitamin C was found in pumpkin jam with cornelian cherry added; all other jam products contained comparable levels of vitamin C (9.24 to 10.39 mg/100 g FM). The content of carotenoids was similar in all kinds of jam products, did not depend on the content of added ingredients, and ranged from 1.1 to 1.78 mg/100 FM.


pumpkin, Japanese quince, cornelian cherry, strawberries, jam, antioxidant activity, colour