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Microbial quality of vacuum packed tofu


The objective of the investigation was to assess the microbiological state of a vacuum packed tofu and to determine the predominating species of micro-organisms depending on the storage temperature. The tofu was stored at 4ºC, 10ºC, and 20ºC. Whilst storing the tofu, the total count of micro-organisms was determined including the psychrotrophic bacteria and acidifying bacteria. The predominant colonies were isolated for the purpose of determining to what species they belonged. The microbial quality of tofu that was cold stored during its entire shelf life was proper. In the product stored at 10°C and 20°C, an excessive increase in the count of micro-organisms was noted as early as during the first week of storing the tofu. In the spoiled product, four species: Bacillus marinus, B. licheniformis, B. firmus, and B. alvei predominated.


tofu, microbial quality, vacuum packaging