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The analysis of factors determining preferences of Polish pork consumers


In this paper, the analysis of factors determining preferences of Polish consumers of pork is presented. The analysis was carried out using a new method with a standard album of computer modified pork chop photographs. 480 consumers were polled: they had to choose chops on the basis of the external appearance of meat; they also had to answer a standard questionnaire. On the basis of the digitally modified photographic images of pork chops, it was stated that the main criteria influencing the consumer choices were the colour of meat and its fat cover. The majority of consumers preferred a lean (i.e. no fat cover), light red meat. Additionally, an evidently separate group of consumers was identified showing strong preferences for a dark red, lean pork. This group of consumers was smaller in number. The choice results were compared with the results of the standard polling questionnaire. On the basis of this analysis, there were determined socio demographic characteristics and nutritional habits of consumers, as well as declared preferences in each individual cluster of a consumer population under investigation.


album of pork chops photographs, pork, consumers, preferences, criteria of choice