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Evaluation of chosen quality parameters of extruded instant cereal grits


The results of evaluation of chosen quality parameters and sensory evaluation of extrusion-cooked cereal instant grits are presented in this paper. Products were processed on single screw extruder at the temperature ranged 130-145°C. Different raw materials and recipes were used: corn meal, corn meal-rice flour mixture (50:50), corn meal-wheat meal (50:50), corn meal buckwheat flour (50:50) and different raw materials moisture contents (5 and 10% water added) were applied. The moisture content, bulk and shaked density, water absorption index, repose angle and sensory evaluation of instant grits with warm milk were tested. The results of investigations showed an influence both recipe and moisture content for all tested quality parameters. Higher raw materials moisture content influenced on higher values of bulk and shaked density and also water absorption range. The best sensory characteristics were performed for corn-rice instant products; delicate taste and smooth consistency were noted. Meals with higher water absorption have good smooth consistency and well defined, right taste typical for used ingredients. Using buckwheat flour evaluates specific taste and darker colour, which can influence on consumer’s acceptability of these instant grits.


extrusion-cooking, corn, rice, wheat, buckwheat, extrudates quality