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Amylose and glucose solutions. A comparative study


Structural parameters of retrograded amylose chains in aqueous solution were determined by means of a comparative analysis with glucose solutions stored under the same conditions and the same specific volume. Viscosimetric and polarimetric measurements were carried out in glucose and amylose (from potato) solutions during storage, within the same concentration range of 0.005-0.02 (g/cm3), and with a fixed low concentration of a polymer complexing agent (5 10-5 g/cm3), added as a polymer chain stiffener. From the ratio of limit viscosity numbers obtained for polysaccharide and monosaccharide solutions, the average asymmetric parameter of rigid amylose chain was calculated, value of which points to a significant length expansion of retrograded α-D-glucopyranose coil. Measurements of the concentration dependence of the optical rotatory dispersion in retrograded amylose and its monomer unit solutions were used to determine the degree of coiling into helix of polysaccharide in aqueous solution.