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An attempt to apply digital image analysis to estimate the pork meat quality


The objective of the study was to determine relations occurring between the pork meat’s colour components (R, G, B), the marbling as measured by a digital image analysis (DIA) and some selected indicators of its technological quality. The results obtained confirmed the usefulness of the digital image analysis for estimating the pork meat quality. The efficiency of this method was also supported by some statistically significant correlations determined, i.e. the correlation between the two colour components ‘G’ and ‘B’ and the meat’s capacity of holding water; the ‘G’ colour component & the marbling and the pH value of meat; and the correlation existing between the meat’s marbling and the cutting force. Additionally, the results obtained showed that the DIA method could be successfully applied to estimate a chemical composition of meat. Statistically significant correlations were stated between the ‘B’ colour component and water content, as well as between the marbling and the protein and fat contents, and, finally, between the two colour components ‘G’ and ‘B’ and the total content of hem pigments.


pork meat, quality measurements, digital imagine analysis