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Impact of the maceration process and storage conditions on the antioxidant capacity and content of some selected components in the cornelian cherry juice


The objective of this study was to assess changes in the content of some selected bioactive components and in the antioxidant capacity during the production process and storage of the cornelian cherry juice. The results showed that the time prolongation of the enzymatic treatment of pulp from 15 min to 2 h resulted in the decrease by about 4 % in the total polyphenol content in the juice, in the content of vitamin C by 12 % C, and in the antioxidant capacity (TEAC) by about 10 %. During the 4 month storage period, a gradual decrease in the content of the selected bioactive components was found, as well as the reduction of the antioxidant capacity. With regard to fresh juices, stored for 4 months at a temperature of 7 and 200 C, the losses of vitamin C were about 30 % and 40%, respectively; the losses of total polyphenols were 15 % and 20 %, respectively; the losses of anthocyanins were about 50 % and 90 %, respectively; and the reduction of the antioxidant capacity was about 35 % and 37 %.


cornelian cherry, polyphenols, anthocyanins, vitamin C, antioxidant capacity