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Replacing pork-beef raw material in homogenized sausages with mechanically sectioned poultry meat after high pressure and low pressure separation


The objective of the study was to compare the selected quality characteristics of frankfurters manufactured by one of the Polish producers with the use of raw materials showing different technological usefulness. 4 sausage variants were analyzed. The WK control product variant was a sausage made from pork and beef meat. In the remaining three experimental product variants, this raw material was replaced with the following, respectively: in the WM product variant: with mechanically sectioned poultry meat (MSPM) after high-pressure separation; in the WB variant: with MSPM after low-pressure separation; in the WMB variant: with MSPM after high- and low-pressure separation. The quality of sausages was assessed after 24 h and 2 weeks of cold storage based on the physical, chemical, and sensory characteristics determined. It was found that the application of MSPM to manufacture the frankfurters (WM, WB, and WMB) made it possible to reduce the cost of raw materials without deteriorating the sensory quality of sausages compared to pork and beef sausages (WK). The WM, WB, and WMB frankfurters contained significantly less fat, were characterized by a significantly darker colour and by a lower shear force than the WK frankfurters. The oxidation rate of lipids in the MDOM frankfurters was insignificantly higher than in the pork and beef frankfurters.


frankfurters, mechanically sectioned poultry meat (MSOM), methods of meat separation, quality