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Impact of starch mixture composition on properties of gluten-free bread


The objective of the study was to develop a composition of starch mixtures intended for baking glutenfree bread, which could contribute to the improvement of both the physical properties of the dough and the quality of the final bread, and to obtaining a favourable balance of protein and dietary fibre. Gluten-free mixtures were based on wheat, maize, and potato starches, and on  maize flour. On the basis of amylographic profile of the raw materials studied, a composition of the mixture was developed that showed a viscosity of 470 B.U. and a high stability. The mixture was supplemented with dietary fibre of different origin and with soy protein. The experimental breads were characterized by both the softer crust and crumb compared to the control bread. They also showed the lower water depletion and the slower rate of decrease in the crumb elasticity during their storage. The inhibition of staling process of the bread made with the addition of the mixtures developed was clearly connected with adding dietary fibre to the dough recipe. Simultaneously, it was possible to win an increase in the nutritional value of gluten-free bread since the content of dietary fibre in the dough corresponded to the values characteristic for the conventional wholemeal bread. Modifications in the dough recipe also resulted in lowering the energetic value of the bread baked and were proportional to the quantity of fibre added. Furthermore, the gluten-free breads obtained according to the recipes suggested were characterised by the considerably raised protein content matching the level typical for wheat bakery products. The assessment method by points proved that the proposed breads were fully accepted by consumers. They received a much higher degree of the consumer acceptability (89–93 %) than the bread prepared using a ready-to-use mixture available on the market (71 %).


gluten-free bread, starch, viscosity, dietary fibre, nutritional value