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Monitoring the growth of crystals in ice cream


The objective of this study was to determine the effect of κ-carrageenan, two industrial stabilizing mixtures (Ice pro and Cremodan SE 315; Danisco), and one polar fish protein selected from a glikoprotein group on the ice crystallization process. The research was carried out in model systems consisting of a 49.1 % sucrose solution with the above named substances added to it, as well as in ice cream. The recrystallization process was analysed based on the photos of ice crystals taken after a specific storage time and using a microscope (Olympus bz-41) and a camera (SIS-Altra 20) adapted to work at temperatures below zero. Next, those photos were analyzed using an Image-Pro Plus programme. Based on the experiments performed it was found that the addition of κ-carrageenan to the model systems had a stronger effect on inhibiting the recrystallization process than the addition of industrial stabilizing mixtures. At the same time, it was proved that the recrystallization process was most effectively inhibited in the model systems with the addition of AFGP. In the ice cream samples, the addition of κ-carrageenan didn’t show such a good result as in the case of the model systems, and the additions of Ice Pro and a mixture of Cremodan SE 315 and AFGP proved to be most effective in inhibiting the recrystallization process.


ice cream, recrystallization, κ-carrageenan, stabilization system