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Quality evaluation of peaches in gel conserved with sorbic acid depending on storage conditions


The aim of the paper was to establish the effect of time and conditions of storage on the quality of peach in gel conserved with sorbic acid. The investigated material consisted of peach in gel conserves produced by “Prospona” Fruit and Vegetable Processing Plant Ltd. The products stored for 12 months at cold storage temperature of 2-4°C and at room temperature of 18-20°C were evaluated at 3-month intervals. The content of dry matter, total sugars, total acids, sorbic acid and the pH level were measured in the investigated samples. The microbiological and sensory value of the product was also determined. In 100g of peach in gel conserve analysed directly after processing the content of dry matter was 27.07 g; of total sugars 18.70 g; of total acids 0.77 g; of sorbic acid 0.068 g; pH was 3.30. The period and temperature of storage had the greatest decreasing effect on the content of sorbic acid. The products kept in cold store conditions preserved more sorbic acid. No microbiological changes were found in the stored products. The sensory evaluation of peach in gel was 4.77 score directly after processing. After 12 months of storage the products got 4.43 and 4.78 scores for room and cold storage temperatures, respectively.


peach in gel, sorbic acid, conditions of storage