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Influence of the conditions of sourdough production process on the rye bread quality


The objective of the study was to compare the quality of rye breads made of the dough developed using a three-phase method with various leavens, i.e. leaves from A and B bakeries, a leaven made in the laboratory (control sample), and a leaven made using a starter culture. Under this study, the physical-chemical parameters of flour were determined (moisture content, acidity, protein content, falling number, and amylolithic properties), as well as the acidity of inter-products during each phase of the bread production. The dough made was baked at 230 °C for 35 min. Twelve (12) hours after the baking process accomplished, the yield and baking loss were calculated, the volume was measured and expressed in 100 g of bread, and the acidity was determined. Furthermore, the organoleptic evaluation of the breads was performed. Based on the organoleptic evaluation and the values of physical-chemical characteristics, it was proved that the baking properties of the flour used were good. During the individual phases of the manufacturing process, differences in the acidity of dough occurred. The leaven from the A bakery and the active sourdough starter made thereof showed a higher acidity degree than the leaven and active sourdough starter developed under the laboratory method. On the other hand, the doughs prepared on the basis of leavens from the two bakeries, and the doughs with starter cultures had a doubled acidity level than the doughs made using the laboratory method. The yield of bread doughs made using the leaven from the B bakery was the highest. The highest yield of bread was achieved in the case of dough made on the basis of starter culture. Moreover, the starter culture added caused the volume of 100 g of bread to increase. Based on the study results, it was found that the application of starter cultures had an effect on the better quality of bread. The taste and flavour properties were improved, the bread volume increased, and the bread crumb showed a more approving texture.


rye bread, starter culture, three-phase method