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Effect of high pressures on the process of holland type cheese ripening


Samples of Edam cheese directly after salting and Edam cheese after 4, 6, 8 weeks of ripening were subjected to pressurization at a pressure of 50 MPa and 100 MPa for 30 min at temp 18±2 °C. Both the pressurized and the control cheese samples were analysed directly after salting and after 4, 6, 8 weeks of ripening. Based on a chemical analysis, the ripening process was regular in pressurized and control cheeses. The pressurization had a effect on the acceleration of the cheese ripening process, which was exhibited by a increase in the content of the pH 4.6-soluble and non protein nitrogen in comparison to the control cheese. The pressurization did not influence the amino acid nitrogen content. In comparison to the control cheese the process of pressurization of cheese at 50 MPa after salting caused an increase in the activity of proteolytic enzymes during the ripening period, while pressurization at 100 MPa decreased the activity of these enzymes. Based on a sensory analysis, the quality of pressurized cheese was highly evaluated. The pressurized cheeses had more flexible consistency than the control cheeses.


high pressure, Edam cheese, proteolysis, cheese ripening