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Texture analysis of processed cheese analogs with whey products addition


The aim of this study was to obtain processed cheese analogs from acid casein and partially replaced by different whey products and test their textural properties. Textural properties of processed cheese analogs were performed with a TA-XT2i Texture Analyser. The cheese samples were penetrated by a testing set (15 mm diameter) in constant temperature (21°C). The rate of penetration was 1 mm/s. Viscosity of processed cheese analogs were measured using a Brookfield DV II+ rotational viscometer with a Helipath countershaft (F). Addition of all whey products caused increase of processed cheese analogs hardness in comparison to analogs produced only on the base of acid casein. Adhesiveness, cohesiveness and chewiness of processed cheese analogs increased with increase of reduced lactose whey powder (SOZL) and demineralized whey powder (S D50). The increase of protein content in cheese caused addition of whey products effected increase viscosity of processed cheese analogs with demineralized whey powder (S D50), whereas decreased viscosity of analogs with reduced lactose whey powder (SOZL) and sweet whey powder (SS). Partial substitution of casein by whey protein produces much more solid cheeses, what can reduce casein content in product with better textural properties.


processed cheese, processed cheese analogs, acid casein, whey powders, texture, viscosity