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Changes in the physicochemical and microbiological properties of meat from broiler chickens depending on the method and time of cold storage


The experimental material were breast muscle samples taken from carcasses of the ‘Ross 308’ broiler chickens having a live weight of about 2700 g, and their quality being normal. 100 samples were collected, each weighing about 300 g. Two technologies of meat cold storage were employed, i.e. storage in a controlled atmosphere (95% of nitrogen and 5% of oxygen), and in the atmospheric air, the storing period was 5 (five) to twenty (20) days. It was stated that the level of microbiological infection during the cold storage of the samples as determined on the basis of a total micro-organism count and physicochemical properties of meat limited its keeping quality. In the samples that have been stored in a controlled atmosphere for 15 days, the level of the microbiological infection was low and the quality changes – minor. In the samples stored in the atmospheric air, a considerable increase in the total micro-organism count and significant quality changes limited the time of their cold storage to five days.


chicken’s meat, cold storage, controlled atmosphere, meat quality