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Characteristics of swelling and gelatinization of starch from immature cereals


Starches were extracted by laboratory method from wheat, rye, barley harvested at different maturity and next dry matter, starch content in kernels were analysed. In addition, characteristics of the obtained starches, were determined i.e. water binding capacity, solubility in water at 60 and 80°C and pasting characteristics at Rheotest 2 viscosimeter. It was stated, that starch content in wheat, rye, barley kernels at early-waxy stage of maturity was over 55% of the kernel dry matter and increased during growth of the kernels. The yield of starch from immature kernel was equal to yield of starch from mature ones. Starch isolated from immature kernels had lower water binding capacity and solubility (at temperature 60 and 80°C) in comparison to starch from mature kernels. Pastes obtained from starch of immature kernels had higher maximum viscosity in comparison to pastes from mature ones. Starch pastes from immature cereals show low stability of viscosity during heating at 96°C and big increase of viscosity after colling to 50°C.