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Chemical characteristics of some selected cultivars of asian pear (Pyrus pyrifolia)


The chemical composition of the Asian Pear fruit cultivars of Shinseiki, Hosui, and Chojuro were described. The contents of the following elements were determined: dry matter, extract, acidity reducing sugar, phenyloacids, and catechins. With the use of gas chromatography, phenolic compounds were identified in the whole fruits (peel and pulp), in the pulp and the peel. It was stated that the content of directly reducing sugars in the fruits of cultivars examined differed a lot, and the quantity of directly reducing sugars (8.33%) in the Hosui cultivar was twice as high as the respective content in the Shinseiki cultivar (4.23%). Differences in the content of total extract, acidity, and catechins were found, too. The content catechins in Shinseiki pears amounted to 6.6 mg%, and the Hosui pears: 20.5 mg% of catechins. As for the content of phenol acids in the cultivars, there were no statistically significant differences stated between the cultivars investigated.


Asian pears, phenyloacids, chemical compounds