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Direct sales and safety of food safety of animal origin exemplified by practices in Tczew poviat


In the food market highly processed products predominate. The wide range of food products causes the consumers to be more demanding and to make purchases with better awareness. They seek sensory attractive food from a verified source and food products, which meet  safety requirements, including those referring to additional substances and flavours used, their permitted amounts, levels of  contaminants, pesticide residues, food irradiation conditions and actions taken during manufacturing or food marketing the purpose of  which is primarily to ensure that foods are safe for human health and life. Those requirements should also be met by foods sold in a direct  sales system. According to the definition, such foods are made from raw materials owned by an entity manufacturing products intended  for direct sale. The objective of the paper was to analyze formal requirements concerning direct sales of food products in order to  determine whether or not the current legal system ensures the safety of directly sold foods. An employee with the Poviat Veterinary  Inspectorate in Tczew was interviewed and a group of 10 producers from the Tczew Poviat were surveyed; the survey was a pilot one and  the respondents were selected on purpose. The respondents accounted for 34 % of the manufacturers of food of animal origin that was sold directly. The questionnaire consisted of questions about the registration date of manufacturing activities, methods of ensuring safety  of products being manufactured and the frequency of controls run by the Veterinary Inspection. It was shown that both the legal system,  the manufacturing method and the control system guaranteed the safety of this type of food in the group surveyed. The conclusions from  the pilot survey will be used to perform similar surveys on a larger, representative group of respondents.


direct sales, ensuring food safety, control, Veterinary Inspection