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Changes of chemical compounds in potato tubers under drought conditions


The aim of this study was to estimate content of chemical compounds and their distributions in potato tubers (at stolon part of and at top part of tubers) harvested under drought conditions and with optimal water supply. There were used 6 potato cultivars: Cekin, Satina, Saturna, Tajfun, Violet Fleischiege and Zebra in the experiment. Starch content was determined using Ewers method, reducing sugar using spectrophotometry method with dinitrophenyl reagent, sucrose using spectrophotometry method with anthrone reagent. Nitrate V content was determined using ionoselective nitrate electrode by multi-purpose equipment CX-721 Elmetron. Dry matter content increased in tubers of all tasted cultivars due to stress factor (av. 22,59%) comparing to control sample (20.11%). Starch content under drought condition decreased at all tubers of tested cultivars except from Tajfun cultivar. Water deficit caused increase of nitrate (V) in all cultivars at stolon part of tubers as well as at top part of tubers.(-) At all tested cultivars sucrose increase was observed under stress factor.


potato, drought conditions, dry matter, starch, sucrose, reducing sugar content