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Effect of linseed & fish oil supplements in feed on fatty acid profile and intramuscular fat oxidation in rabbits


The objective of the research performed was to determine the effect of 3 % linseed, 3 % fish oil, and one antioxidant added to feed on the fatty acid profile, content of cholesterol and vitamin E in the lipids of rabbit meat. The research project comprised the offspring of 50 New Zealand White rabbit does. The rabbits in the control group (I) were fed a balanced, complete, standard rabbit feed mixtures. The animals from the control group II and III were fed a feed with 3 % linseed oil added; the feed for the rabbits from the group III contained a 100 % higher supplement of vitamin E as a natural antioxidant. The animals from the groups IV and V were fed a feed with 3 % fish oil added; the feed for the group V contained a higher content of vitamin E added. In the samples of meat taken from the rear leg muscles of the rabbits investigated, the following was determined: fatty acid profile, total content of cholesterol, total content of vitamin E, and malondialdehyde (TBARS). The 3 % supplement of linseed and fish oil caused the content of n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids to increase. A significant difference was found between the control group and experimental groups as regards the content of those fatty acids. In addition, it was found that the disproportion in the content of n-6 and n-3 acids decreased; this fact has a positive effect from the nutritional point of view. The research proved a significant effect of the linseed and fish oil supplements on the total content of cholesterol in the rabbit meat. A significant increase in the content of vitamin E was found in the analyzed muscles of rabbits in the experimental groups, and a decrease in content of malondialdehyde (TBARS), which reflects a slower rate of meat lipid oxidation.


rabbit, feed, linseed oil, fish oil, fatty acids, cholesterol, vitamin E