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Effect of Geotrichum candidum on the natural microflora of barley malts


The objective of the studies was to define the effect of Geotrichum candidum I strain, used as starter culture, on the microbial quality of final malt. The malts were produced under microtechnical conditions with and without a starter culture, which was added to the second (GI); first and second (GII) steeping water. The number of microorganisms on the surface of barley kernels and kilned malts was determined by the plate method on selective media, i.e. total aerobic mesophilic bacteria on bulion agar, the lactic acid bacteria on MRS agar (Merck) and yeast on PDA agar (Merck). The percentage of kernels contaminated with mycelial fungi and Geotrichum candidum I was estimated by placed 100 randomly selected kernels on PDA agar. The results showed that the use of G. candidum I inhibited mould growth, particulary Fusarium strains (94%). Increase dose of starter culture had not a considerable effect on the other groups of microflora occuring on “starter” malt (GII). The use of starter culture in malting is a new process improving malt quality and safety, and which is both technically and economically feasible.


malt microflora, yeast starter culture, barley malt, toxigenic fungi