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Effect of pea protein and transglutaminase additives on reducing fat content in fried instant noodles


The objective of the research study was to determine the effect of pea protein and transglutaminase (TGase) additives on the reduction of fat content in fried instant noodles and on the quality thereof. The scope of the study included the analysis of some selected quality parameters of fried instant noodles depending on the type and amount of the additives added to the basic recipe. Pea protein and the transglutaminase enzyme were used as functional ingredients. The following sample variants were prepared for the analysis: control sample without additives, samples with 2 % and 3 % of pea proteins (BG) added and enriched with 1 % and 2 % of TGase. The instant noodles produced on the basis of wheat flour (semolina) were assessed with respect to their fat content, water content, colour, and texture (hardness, firmness, cohesiveness). Hydration time of instant noodles produced was assessed bearing in mind that it was the minimum time needed to hydrate the noodles. Based on the analysis results it was shown that the quality parameters of instant noodles depended on both the type and the amount of the additive added. The application of pea protein additive alone or in combination with transglutaminase caused the fat content in the instant noodles produced to decrease. In instant noodles with pea proteins and TGase added, the content of water ranged between 0.81 and 3.78 %. The functional ingredients added caused the content of water in the noodles to increase; however, its value did not exceed the recommended value thereof. The ingredients added had no effect on the colour parameters of the instant noodles. In most cases, the application of pea proteins and their mixtures with TGase had a positive impact on the texture parameters. The higher amount of additions used, the longer hydration time of the instant noodles were reported, but the value of that feature did  not exceed 5 min.


instant fried noodles, pea protein, transglutaminase, fat content