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Effect of potato and wheat cellulose and inulin preparations on physicochemical characteristics and rheological properties of model meat preserves


The effect of preparations that were used in meat products instead of recipe fat on moulding physicalchemical parameters and rheological properties of the meat products was studied. The following additives were used: potato and wheat cellulose preparations and inulin in the quantities: 0% (control), 5% and 10%. In the final product, chemical composition was analysed, the level of thermal drip was determined, the binding of the slice was evaluated and the rheological properties of the product were characterized. As a result of the conducted studies it was found that a type of the cellulose preparation used and the level of its addition had a significant effect on the determined parameters of quality. All the preparations caused – according to the expectations – a significant decrease of fat content from 8.4% to 16.4% in the examined products in relation to the control product. Application of a higher level (10%) of cellulose preparation had a significant influence on lowering the fat and protein content and on the significant increase of water and salt level and on the amount of the thermal drip. The level of the addition of the preparation used did not have any significant effect on the rheological parameters. Model product, containing 5% preparation of wheat cellulose showed the best binding and the lowest thermal drip (4.9%) and the highest tearing strength (2.2 N/cm2). Potato preparation caused a structure closest to control batch. The rheological characteristics of the inulin-containing product indicated that this substitute best imitated the fat, but it had a significant negative influence on binding the block of product. 5% substitution of fat with potato and wheat cellulose preparations and inulin in investigated material allowed to obtain nutritionally advantageous, finely comminuted meat product with quality features close to control variant.


potato cellulose preparation, wheat cellulose preparation, inulin, meat product, physicalchemical parameters, rheological properties