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Effect of selected parameters of raw material on browning index and texture of model product of roasted mincemeat


In the research study, the effect was determined of selected parameters of raw pork-beef mincemeat (in model setups), i.e. of pH, contents of pork and beef meat, and colour of raw products, on the degree of Browning Index (BI) of the surface and inner layers, as well as on the shear force necessary to cut the model roasted product. The following model products were prepared using mincemeat: 0 – pork meat having a natural pH value (5.31); K –pork meat having a standardized pH value (5.60); samples of porkbeef meat mix with the per cent content of beef meat being 5, 10, and 15 % of the mix. In the model raw samples, the pH value was determined and the colour (L*a*b*) was assessed. The meat samples were roasted in a HD4454/A gastronomic roaster by Phillips Co., at 185 ± 5 °C, during a 30 min. period. The colour of the external surface and inner layers of the roasted model products was assessed, and the shear [N/cm2] was determined with the use of a Warner-Bratzler knife. Based on the parameters that characterised the colour of the roasted products, the Browning Index (BI) was calculated. It was found that the pH value and the colour parameters L* (brightness) and b* (saturation of the yellow) of raw meat significantly impacted the BI of the surface layers of roasted products, whereas the BI that characterized the inner layers depended on pH and the a* and b* colour parameters of the raw materials. The shear force depended on the content of beef meat in the model setup, pH, and the a* component of the raw material prior to roasting; moreover, it was correlated with the L* and b* parameters of the surface layers of the model roasted product, as well as with the L* parameter that characterized the inner layers of the model products; however, the shear force was not correlated with the Browning Index BI.


beef and pork mince meat, roasting, non-enzymatic browning, colour, BI Browning Index, texture