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Effect of selected flavours and emulsifiers on stability of beverage emulsions


The objective of this study was to evaluate the effect of flavour, weighing agent and emulsifier on stability of beverage emulsions. The stability was determined basing on the measured particle size of dispersed phase by a turbidity method, a micrometric method, and a laser light scattering. Additionally, the potential zeta of emulsions was measured. The stability of emulsions containing natural essential oil was higher if compared with emulsions containing essential oil without terpenes or with a glycol solution of aroma. The emulsions were marked by a higher opacity degree, and owing to this fact, it was possible to obtain beverages with clarity similar to natural juices. It was also necessary to add a weighing agent in order to get stable flavour emulsions. The rosin esters and the damar gum caused, to the same extent, an increase in the density of oil phase, and, consequently, in the stability of emulsions. The stability of beverage emulsions with a mixture of modified starch and arabic gum added was smaller than the stability of emulsions to which only one of the two preparations was added.


beverage emulsions, stability, flavour, weighing agent, emulsifier