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Effect of high pressure on some selected quality attributes of the cooked (Sopocka) and raw smoked pork loin


The effect of high pressure on some selected quality attributes and stability of cooked pork loin (the so called sopocka pork loin) and raw smoked pork loin was investigated. A pork loin was produced with a 20% brine injection with relation to the entire product mass. Samples of the final product were portioned, treated with a high pressure of 600 MPa during a period of 30 minutes at a room temperature (20±2°C), and stored at 4–6ºC for 0, 6 and 8 weeks under the chilling conditions (4–6°C). The following parameters were determined: physical components of colour, amount of the forced drip, content of total pigments, nitrosylpigments, residual nitrite(III), and the degree of pigment conversion; also, the sensory evaluation of the pork loin colour, smell, taste, and consistency was made. The microbiological determinations were made, too, and the photographs of the experimental products were taken. On the basis of the investigation results, it was stated that the high pressure treatment extended the shelf life of the sopocka pork loin up to 6 weeks under the chilling conditions and did not deteriorate its taste, smell and consistency. The microbiological consistency of raw smoked pork loin samples treated by high pressure was better since no mesophilic, psychrophilic, and acidifying bacteria grew during the storage period. The high pressure treatment applied to pork loin samples investigated generated an increase in the volume of forced drip in the packages containing samples of both the sopocka and the raw smoked pork loin, and affected the colour of the raw smoked pork that became lighter (a higher L* value of the colour was stated).


high pressure, preservation, cooked pork loin (sopocka pork loin), raw smoked pork loin