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Microbiological quality of some selected prepared food products


The objective of the paper was to evaluate the microbiological quality of prepared (i.e. ready-to-eat and/or ready-to-cook type) food products available in the chains of food stores. All the samples were analyzed during the food products’ shelf life periods. The microbiological analyses were carried out pursuant to the guidelines as pointed out in the PN-EN-ISO standard, and aimed at the determination of the total count of the following microorganisms: aerobic mesophillic bacteria, yeast and filamentous fungi, aerobic spore-forming bacteria, coliforms, as well as food pathogens such as Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella spp., and Bacillus cereus. The results obtained showed diverse levels of the microbiological contamination in the food products investigated. The majority of samples were characterized by a high total count of bacteria. The levels of hygienic condition indices of the prepared food products analysed were low, however the majority of samples fulfilled the mandatory requirements under the respective standards. In the samples analyzed, there were found no pathogenic bacteria of Salmonella spp., but the Staphylococcus aureus pathogens occurred in one sample, and Bacillus cereus – in two samples.


prepared food products, microbiological quality, levels of contaminations, health safety