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Effect of packaging and storage in modified atmosphere on the content of nitrates (V) & (III) in coleslaw mix and on its sensory and physicochemical properties


Under the study project, the effect was investigated of modified atmosphere packaging with the use of a packaging film showing an oxygen permeability of 1900 cm3/m2/24 h·bar and 3000 cm3/m2/24 h·bar on changes in the content of nitrates(V) and (III) in the Coleslaw mix, as well as in its sensory quality and in the selected physicochemical properties, during the 12-day storage at 4 ºC. The product was packed in both the air and the modified atmosphere having the following composition: 2 % O2, 10 % CO2, 88 % N2; 10 % O2, 10 % CO2, 80 % N2, and 20 % O2, 25 % CO2, 55 % N2. The highest content of nitrates(V) was found in the samples packed in air and in modified atmosphere containing 10 % CO2; those packages were sealed film bags of an oxygen permeability of 3000 cm3/m2/24 h·bar. Nitrates(III) were found in the samples packed in bags of film with a reduced permeability of oxygen, both in air and in modified atmosphere containing 2 % O2, 10 % CO2, 88 % N2 and 10 % O2, 10 % CO2, 80 % N2. During the storage, in all the samples analyzed, a statistically significant (p≤0.05) decrease was reported in the scores of sensory examination, in the content of extract, and in the pH level. The vegetable mixes investigated were accepted with regard to their sensory attributes during a period of 6 day storage.


Coleslaw mix, nitrates(V) and (III), modified atmosphere packaging