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Effect of particulated whey protein concentrate (PWPC) added to cheese milk on its electrical proprieties


The investigations discussed in this paper were performed in order to determine the effect of particulated whey protein concentrate (PWPC) added to cheese milk on its electrical proprieties. A concentrate of particulated whey proteins and cheese milk without the addition of PWPC and with 1 and 2 % additions of PWPC constituted the material for investigations. All of the analysed samples were produced under the industrial conditions. The following characteristics were investigated: impedance, admittance, Cs capacitance, and the phase angle. The investigations proved that the addition of PWPC to cheese milk caused a significant change in the conductance coefficients only when the amount of PWPC added was 2 %. When the PWPC addition was close to 1 %, the values of the characteristics studied did not statistically differ from the obtained in the case of cheese milk with no PWPC added. When the PWPC addition was 1 %, the Cs capacitance was significantly reduced compared to the cheese milk without PWPC added. Yet, as for the milk with 1 and with 2 % of PWPC, the difference in their Cs capacitance reduction scale was not statistically significant. Furthermore, in all the cases studied, a change in the measurement frequency impacted the measured characteristics: the highest changes were found in the range from 20 Hz to 200 Hz of frequency, and above 400 Hz of frequency, those changes were not essential. While summing up the investigation results, it was found based on the changes in the measured electrical characteristics of cheese milk that it was possible to determine the PWPC addition exclusively qualitatively and not quantitatively.


particulation, whey protein, electrical characteristics, impedance, admittance, Cs capacitance, phase angle