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Determinants of fruit quality system implementation in Poland


A commercial GLOBALG.A.P. standard and an integrated production system are the most popular methods to ensure the quality and safety of fruits. The implementation thereof in fruit farms is a consequence of food law requirements and expectations of consumers who want to consume products that are of high quality and, in the first place, safe for health. The implementation of those quality assurance (QA) methods is a prerequisite for selling products to large international retail chains at home and abroad. Motives for and barriers to application of QA methods were identified based on a survey of fruit growers, including those who implemented a GLOBALG.A.P. standard, and on interviews with experts. It was found that the major motives for implementing QA systems in orchard farms in Poland were the following: increased sale opportunities, entering new markets with products, and meeting customer requirements. Amidst the major barriers were the lack of economic incentives and the lack of knowledge about the methods and systems of quality assurance.


orchard farms, systems of quality, implementation, GLOBALG.A.P.