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The quality of catering services from the dietary, technological, and hygienic aspects


The objective of the investigations was to assess, prior to implementing a HACCP system, the quality of services in some selected eating places from the dietary, technological, and hygienic points of view. It was found that in the group of eating places under investigation, the main attention was usually focused on dietary aspects of the production, whereas the technological and hygienic aspects, including the safety and quality of food production, were not treated as a priority. The following actions would improve the quality of catering services in Poland, and allow for the elimination of non-professional eating places, which generate risks to the health of customers: – making it mandatory for the gastronomy to implement the HACCP system; – improving the external control procedures to check the observance of sanitary-hygienic rules in the eating places; – incorporating new subjects/courses dealing with the production quality and safety of dishes served in eating places.


catering, eating places, quality of services