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Effect of selected factors on milk energy value of cow’s milk from phf bw and montbéliarde breeds


In the paper, the following parameters of cow’s milk from the Polish Holstein-Friesian Black-AndWhite (PHF BW) breed and Montbéliarde (MO) breeds were compared: daily milk yield, chemical composition, cytological quality, and energy value. The analysis performed referred to the effect of season, level of daily milk yield, cytological quality of milk, successive lactation and its phase on the energy value of milk. It was found that the milk from Montbéliarde (MO) cows was characterized by a more beneficial chemical composition and a higher cytological quality compared to the milk from PHF BW cows. All the factors studied essentially impacted the energy value of milk from PHF BW cows, and the highest variation (85.1 kcal/kg) thereof was reported at the beginning of lactation. The energy value of milk from Montbéliarde cows was higher by 40.9 kcal/kg and more stable in the range of the factors analysed (except for the season) compared to PHF BW breed. It was found that the more beneficial chemical composition, lower count of somatic cells, and better stability of the energy value of milk from Montbéliarde cows may suggest that this breed be highly useful in the production of milk.


energy value of milk, breed: Montbéliarde, Polish Holstein-Friesian